C loud computing can be provided in a number of different scenarios, such as using the Public Cloud to host business applications or using a Private Cloud to provide an internal platform for services. But whats the difference? Let Cosmicvent Software Pvt Ltd explain:


Using IT Infrastructure provided by a third party to host business applications. This type of cloud benefits small to medium businesses.


Building a resilient on-premise IT infrastructure to service the needs of your entire Organization, probably utilizing virtualization and mobility technologies. This type of cloud is more relevant to medium to large Organizations. The principle attraction of cloud services for businesses today originates from the constant pressure to increase the functionality of the computer system while reducing capital spend on IT. Public Cloud computing fits very nicely into this remit as it scales with the business yet does not require the upfront capital investment and onsite server solution would involve, and instead employs a pay as you use model. Cloud services are available in a number of forms and can be as simple as using an application from the internet all the way up to a fully dedicated cloud hosted infrastructure where almost all business applications are consumed from the internet. Public Cloud computing is particularly attractive to businesses without a central head office or multiple remote offices or employees.


Powered by Microsoft Exchange server this is a shared hosted platform which is paid per user per month and allows businesses to quickly provision an email platform for very little upfront cost.


It is very common that businesses begin their journey to cloud computing by evaluating hosting their email system in the cloud. There are a number of different solutions for cloud hosted Email some of which are listed below:


Business application servers that are not installed on physical servers but as ‘Servers in Servers’ where multiple virtual servers run on each Physical box. It is plain that this subject is a very varied and full of questions. This is where Cosmicvent Software Pvt Ltd can help. We understand the technologies, the advantages and disadvantages and how these can fit with your business. We can help you on your journey to the cloud.
Rather than buying traditional boxed software with up-front costs and a perpetual license, SAAS has a lower initial cost with software bought on a subscription basis, based on usage. The software is run from the Cloud on multi-tenant environment.


Microsoft Office 365 employs a very similar setup to hosted exchange, but your email will be hosted in one of the Microsoft Data Centres.
Powered by Microsoft Exchange this a dedicated server for your business hosted off premise. This has higher upfront cost and setup time but affords you greater flexibility as you have complete control over this server.

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