C oncept IT specialize in all of the leading communication technologies from Leased line both fixed and wireless through to EFM ADSL,IP VPN and MPLS. Concept IT have the knowledge and expertise to both install and support a tailored solution for your business needs.
ADSL – Concept IT Broadband solutions are provided on a standard BT phone line and give your business an internet solution which can deliver up to 16mb/s download and 1mb/s upload, This is a shared connection and has no SLA’s but is a great way to provision internet access.
FTTC – Fibre to the Cabinet this solution is based on BT’s next generation network which is delivered to the BT cabinet by fibre and therefore giving much higher bandwidth while still delivered on a standard BT phone line. FTTC will allow businesses to achieve up to 76mb/s download and 19mb/s upload. FTTC is very similar to ADSL in that is comes with no SLA and is shared bandwidth.
EFM – Ethernet First Mile – EFM is a relatively new connectivity service and is provided over copper lines but allows multiple connections delivering up to 35mb/s download and also 35mb/s upload. This is backed by a basic 7 hour SLA so you can rely on this line to run your important business services on.
Leased Line – Leased lines are mainly delivered over a dedicated fibre connection to your building and will allow you to connect up to 1000mb/s download and 1000mb/s upload. These lines are backed by a comprehensive SLA and ADSL backup connection, if you cannot do without internet access then a leased line is a must for your business.
Wireless Leased Line – Concept IT can now provide leased line connectivity and the same comprehensive SLA but over a wireless solution. This can be delivered quicker than a standard leased line but is not available to all areas.
IP VPN – IP VPN’s are becoming more and more popular for businesses with multiple offices. Concept IT can provision site to site connections which are optimized for your requirements and allow your business to transmit data securely and quickly.

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