The foundation of any reliable IT system is the platform it sits on. Concept IT Specialise in supplying Microsoft Windows Server and our highly trained engineers are able to build a solution to draw the very best out of the platform so your company gets the most out of its investment. Microsoft Windows Server Software If you have a server in the workplace or at home you need Windows server software to get the most out of your network. This software can transform the way your network operates making it more efficient and productive


Email is now a key component to the operation of businesses today. Concept IT have highly trained engineers and a wealth of knowledge on Microsoft Exchange which is considered the industry leader and will consult with you to get the very best out of the solution.


very business relies on its data. Concept IT works closely with Microsoft to provide the very best solutions based on Microsoft SQL technology. Whether it's your CRM or Accounting System, Microsoft SQL has the power and scalability to grow with your business and provide constant opportunity for development giving your business the competitive edge.

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