W ith Windows Server 2003 end of support* rapidly approaching it’s now time to consider the next steps for your business. It’s not just about upgrading your Server 2003, it’s about becoming a modern business that allows your business to grow, outperform your competitors and helps you to create the flexibility to work anywhere whilst retaining productivity and efficiency. Becoming a modern business means you can choose your own solution, whether that includes investing in your own servers, virtualizing your workload or migrating the cloud. It’s a choice for you to have a flexible solution to suit not just your business today, but as you grow and develop in the future.


B Migrating to the cloud is a great option for those who wish to relinquish the responsibility of looking after and maintaining a server on premise. Stored at a secure data center, this is a type of internet-based computing allows you to access data and resources via the internet. You can rest assure that your data is fully protected with numerous safety procedures such as multiple internet connections, spreading data across several servers and a range of data back up plans. Plus with these multiple Failover in place, if any disruption was to happen you wouldn’t see any downtime to your business. With 24/7 access to your data and resources anytime, anyplace and improved scalability that allows you to easily adjust performance at times of high or low demand, you only pay for what you use.


If having a server on premise is the best option for you, migrating to the more-advanced Windows Server 2012 can bring many benefits of a modern business. This advanced server technology, designed with the modern day in mind, means greater features, functionality and efficiency. As the latest operating software, Server 2012 is fully supported by Microsoft which means you will receive regular security updates, patches and fixes to ensure your server is fully secure and is running to its full potential. Having a physical server on premise means you have peace of mind of knowing exactly where your data is stored, you have full control and access to it, and with the ability to virtualize - you can now do more with less.


A hybrid solution can be anything from having an on premise virtualized server to hosting applications in the cloud. So if you’re looking for a flexible solution tailored to suit your needs, budget and future growth plans, then this is the choice for you. You can free up important office space and consolidate resources with the use of a virtualized server, you can access your data whenever and wherever and adjust scalability with the cloud, or you can choose bits of both - a hybrid solution brings together the benefits you want from both on premise and cloud options.


Microsoft Office 365 employs a very similar setup to hosted exchange, but your email will be hosted in one of the Microsoft Data Centres.
Powered by Microsoft Exchange this a dedicated server for your business hosted off premise. This has higher upfront cost and setup time but affords you greater flexibility as you have complete control over this server.


It can seem overwhelming with so many options to choose from, so why not speak to us today and let us help take that stress away. We have a number of accredited Microsoft experts that can talk you through your options and help advise you on the right solution for your business. Contact us today on +44 7900 924 482 or fill out your details and we'll give you a call.


Business application servers that are not installed on physical servers but as ‘Servers in Servers’ where multiple virtual servers run on each Physical box. It is plain that this subject is a very varied and full of questions. This is where Cosmicvent Software Pvt Ltd can help. We understand the technologies, the advantages and disadvantages and how these can fit with your business. We can help you on your journey to the cloud.
Rather than buying traditional boxed software with up-front costs and a perpetual license, SAAS has a lower initial cost with software bought on a subscription basis, based on usage. The software is run from the Cloud on multi-tenant environment.

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