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We have a wide range of business services, from simple configuration issues to complete office set-ups, Networking, Server installation & upgrade and Web development. We offer a range of services from a simple 'per hour' contract, to annual service contracts that suit every size of business. We cover simple small office to large enterprise Windows Server environments with Exchange.
We've handled the IT needs for many customers in the Manchester and surrounding area -- as well as other areas of the UK. With our reasonable on-demand contracts you wouldn't be surprised to hear that most issues are handled within a few hours, as many of our happy customers praise us for on a daily basis.
Managed Services allows you to reduce the cost of your IT maintenance budget by moving the risk management into our hands. By allowing Pinnacle to manage your risk you’ll be reducing costs associated maintaining your environment because of Pinnacle ground breaking techniques and automated processes. This is more than just outsourcing your IT, this is a coordinated effort between you and Pinnacle to devise a working infrastructure that matches your needs and desires with our skills, techniques and efficiency.


Setting up a new computer or laptop can be time consuming. Concept IT's IT Technicians are on hand to help businesses with this task. From removing unnecessary programs that make your computers faster to moving data and settings from old systems our swift and precise computer setup service ensures your team is back being productive as soon as possible. Computer setup rollouts can be of any size and any device, but the emphasis from Concept IT will focus on useability, security and manageability. Windows PC's and laptops are not the only devices businesses use these days; tablets, smart devices and Apple Macs now make up a high percentage of user devices, especially with remote working and cloud applications. Experience is key to delivering these devices correctly, this is where Concept IT is ready to help.

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