W ith the rise in the use of social media for business use, simply blocking Facebook and Twitter for the whole organization is no longer an option. Your network security services need to work with the needs of your business, keeping the corporate network safe whilst also allowing the flexibility to the areas of the business that need it. Production staff may need to have their access to certain websites limited to certain times of the day, whilst marketing will more than likely need full time access to websites such as Facebook and Twitter. Concept IT work with industry standard network security services, to deliver the right solution for your business, with the policies you need. Network security is top priority for any organization. Internet threats to systems and data can impede business innovation, limit productivity and damage compliance efforts. You need preemptive threat mitigation solutions that protect your entire IT infrastructure. network security services provide network security solutions to protect endpoints, applications, systems and networks. Our services leverage the latest vulnerability of services, we can deliver an end-to-end solution, from hardware to software to services. Our offering:


In today's business environment businesses rely on the Internet for access to information and resources. While instant access to information over the Internet is critical, it introduces substantial risks to the network and data. Web Filter effectively enforces acceptable use policy to enable compliance with regulations such as the Children's Internet Protection Act It provides more than 100 web category lists, time quotas and more. You can easily upgrade to Websense Web Security when desired to help reduce your exposure to web threats and data theft.


Businesses today rely on communications with the outside world; this includes email, internet and social networking to name a few. Concept IT knows that it is imperative to allow the communications above but allow the business to control and have visibility of what is happening on the network. After many years of ongoing product research Concept IT partner solely with Sonicwall to provide industry leading firewall solutions and with a highly trained team we can implement the right solution for your business.

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