Introducing the Management Team

Our ethos is simple yet effective; to deliver a first class service for IT. We believe our team gives us the exciting edge to be professional , highly responsive and personable with everyone we come across. A few weeks ago we launched Teams, a major update which centralized the organization and management of your collaborators in Transifex. This allowed you to create independent translation teams and reuse them across any number of projects. Today we’re introducing a new role in each team: Team Managers. These users have responsibility over the team, along with all its languages and members. This is especially useful when managing large organizations with many collaborators.

We have experience in the IT industry covering SAP, Pegasus and Microsoft Accounting/ERP & CRM Systems, Web Technologies, Networking and Hardware. Concept IT has a wealth of experience which can be applied to helping customers choose and implement the best IT solutions to meet their business requirements and providing best value for the investment made.Concept IT has always had a passion for his work and enjoys the fast paced industry that IT provides, along with the constant learning to stay on top of technology advancements. Hobbies include many sports such as Golf, Squash, Gym, Mountain Biking, Road Biking and Skiing but family time is always the priority.

In the early days of running your business, it's natural to try to do as much as possible yourself. It's the most cost-effective, comfortable, sensible way to do things in the beginning. But as your enterprise grows, you'll find yourself stretched thinner and thinner. Eventually, you'll find you just can't continue to oversee operations and sales and accounting and fulfillment and Concept ITeting--and hope to continue to grow your business.

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