We deals with measuring the performance of the network. Performance monitoring information is usually used to plan future network expansion and locate current network usage problems.The time frame of performance monitoring must be long enough to establish a network behavior model. Choosing what to measure is important. There are too many measureable things in a network. But the list of items to be measured should be meaningful and cost effective.



It deals with measuring the problems in the network.Fault monitoring deals with various layers of the network. When a problem occurs, it can be at different layers of the network. Thus it is important to know which layer is having problem. Fault monitoring requires establishing a normal characteristics of the network in an extended period of time. There are always errors in the network but when there are errors, it does not mean the network is having persistent problems. Some of these errors are expected to occur.


Polling works with topologies in which one device is designated as a primary station and the other devices are secondary stations. All data exchanges must be made through the primary device even when the ultimate destination is a secondary device.

A manager checks an agent by requesting information that reflects the behavior of the agent, forces an agent to perform a task by resetting values in the agent database, An agent contributes to the management process by warning the manager of an unusual situation.

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