A server installation is an opportunity to progress and introduce new technologies to your business; with our expertise we can advise you on the correct solution for you. We believe each company has individual requirements which need to be taken into account. Our specialist team are equipped to providing you with the best knowledge regarding your server needs. With our professional first class service, we provide a seamless migration process.

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Installation is always via an installation and follows a platform's usual installation method. Generally, you need to start the installer and follow the bouncing ball to completion. For devices, you should follow the manufacturer's add-on installation procedure.


Whether upgrading from an older version or designing a solution from scratch, we have the most up-to-date knowledge and our server installation process is second to none. We offer on site installation with our expert team, who will install your server in the most efficient way possible. The Server is available for many different platforms.



You may or may not be aware that a lengthy server installation can cost you precious time and money. Here at Concept IT we offer a service that is quick and easy. We want the best outcome for you as customer satisfaction is our top priority, we understand that time is money and we will do everything possible to assist and advise you on the best possible plan of action to take. At Concept IT we offer a range of servers to fit all business ranging from small back office servers right through to full enterprise solutions needs. If you want to learn more on what Concept IT can offer you, then please contact us.

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