By conducting a full analysis of your current comms infrastructure, you can identify just how much you really pay for one of your most critical business applications. At Concept IT we can help you identify unused lines, high call charges and network mis-use as well as provide you with a full communications inventory to help manage your communications effectively.


A technology evolves, so does the way we communicate with our customers. Advances in technology mean that you can now see your customers while you talk to them, contacting them at any time no matter where you are. Concept IT works with specialist engineers who are experts in voice communication, so we can provide you with and end to end solution for your business.


Microsoft Lync is the next generation of communication for business users. It integrates with Microsoft Office to provide instant messaging, conferencing and voice communications no matter what your location via a wide variety of platforms. Using Microsoft Lync for voice can either extend your existing system or replace it entirely. Microsoft Lync runs on the familiar Windows Server Platform, either as a physical or virtual instance. Concept IT has many skilled engineers who work closely with voice communication experts so we can provide end to end solutions and support for Microsoft Lync.


B Choosing the right business telephone system for your business can be a difficult choice. With many systems today having similar features and competitive pricing, distinguishing between them can be difficult. Concept IT and its partners work closely together to ensure you choose the right phone system for your business. We work with world class vendors such as AVAYA, Swyx and Alcatel-Lucent who excel against others in the same category.
Many factors need to be considered when choosing the right business mobile solution for your company including, network coverage, contract term and most importantly cost. Concept IT works closely with the experts in mobile communications to offer you a tailored package to best suit your business needs. Contact us for more information Cellular technology has developed a long way since the first mobile phone systems were introduced. Since the beginnings of cellular technology in the many different mobile phone systems have been used, and currently a large variety of phone systems are in use now.

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