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As your business grows you will find you will need to modify your networks accordingly. Extending the network to outdoor locations and new buildings over long distances can be especially challenging.
Many organizations are turning to wireless bridges to provide high-speed point to point network connectivity between locations. Wireless bridges provide fixed, secure links between two or more segments of the network.
Wireless bridges are extremely cost effective due to lack of cables required for the installation and the man hours saved from having to install them. Our WAP devices have power over ethernet connections meaning electrical power can be passed along safely with data on the same Ethernet cable.
The networks can be built on 11mb or 54 mb protocols and can be deployed in bridge, client or repeater modes.
In addition to the industry security standards (WEP/WPA/WPA2), our devices also come with MAC address filtering and tunneling to let network admin know exactly which stations have access to the network.
Our devices are rated for outdoor use and are completely waterproof providing no signal loss due to poor weather conditions.
Many wireless connectivity technologies are highly complementary and are seeing rapidly increasing adoption in many different product types. At the same time, the most ubiquitous and entrenched technologies and Bluetooth are stretching their use-cases, working faster, using less power, and working in new modes. They will increasingly compete with traditional, more complementary technologies.

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